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          Daily care and maintenance Precautions few of the more common auto parts

                 A car with a long time, a lot of auto parts problems will arise. But there are some places may be too long before there is a problem, but there are still some auto parts may be more susceptible to damage the. Such as tires, batteries and so on. So in the daily maintenance for some of the more easily damaged areas should pay more attention.
                 Battery electrical system is the key in modern cars use a lot of electrical devices, the battery is not working properly, it will affect the performance of many devices. For example in an automatic transmission car if the battery is not normal, this car will not start. Therefore, we must always be able to get a stable power supply.
                 Check the battery level, if the liquid level is considered fit between the upper and lower two engraved lines. Should also check the level of each groove is poor. If the liquid level is insufficient, you can unscrew the top of the battery cover, pour distilled water to make up the liquid.
                 Check the battery terminals, in addition to the iron brush terminals contamination. If the wire clamp badly soiled, you can use sandpaper to rub along the inner wall of the move, worn dirt.
                 Usually we will dashboard brake warning light is illuminated as the brake shoe change based on the judgment, but the bottom line is, if the only change to this time, has been quite dangerous.
                 To remind you, although all vehicles have this warning system, but some direct induction brake shoe thickness, and some are already completely finished grinding the brake shoes, brake fluid and therefore extreme decline, will make the warning lights onwards. If the latter, until the warning lights, brake pads and brake discs metal base is already in the iron sharpens iron status, then, it would be close to the edge to see the bright rim of the tire iron.
                 Note that regular replacement of tires, a set of tires and then durable, can not be used for a lifetime, some people work easy, low frequency of use of the car, a set of tires after several years of use, the tread surface is intact, but in fact performance of the tire with the year will increase slowly aging, decreased quality, if not understand this point, thinking that the "surface looks good," says a tire that is no problem the wrong way.
                 When tire maintenance, tread in first clear stones and other inclusions, check whether the tire bubbling layer, lacerations, die change, aging fault; secondly when removing the tire on the rim rust, check the tube and liner with no damage or wrinkle phenomenon, according to a predetermined pressure inflated tire cuffs or transposition. Also, check the tire and the wing, trunk floor, leaf springs, fenders and other phenomena linked to the presence or absence of friction collision.
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