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          UNOCI for your Secret application of the principles of automotive electric glass lifter

                Many car window glass lift (off and on) have abandoned shake skill of manual lifting way, generally use push-button electric hoist way, that the use of electric cars glass movements controlled, it is often said that " electric windows. " Cars with electric cars are mostly glass lifter consists of motor, reducer, guidewire, guide plates, glass mounting brackets and other components. Because the guide rope material way different processes or production, is divided into sheave, shaft type and plastic belt type three electric glass lifter. The first two species are used as a guide rope rope, the latter is made of plastic with a rope as a guide.
                 In sheave automobile electric glass lifter commonly used as an example, it is a motor, reducer, rope, guide plate and glass mounting brackets and other component parts, when you install the glass doors and windows fixed to the mounting bracket on the glass, glass and wire rope guide groove parallel to the guide plate.
                 Turn the motor to drive the gear unit's output power by a motor, pull the rope moving glass mounting bracket, forcing the glass doors and windows for the rise or fall of the linear motion. The plastic tape electric glass lifter guide rope with plastic tape, perforated tape, plastic tape for moving and positioning control of window glass lift.
                 Critical automotive electric glass lifter structure is an electric motor and gear unit, both of which are assembled into one in which the use of a reversible electric motor permanent magnet DC motor, there are two groups within the motor winding to a different field coil, the switch can be controlled by do forward and reverse, which means you can control the rise or fall of the glass doors.
                 Motors are linked by a double switch button control, with ascending, descending, the three working off state, the switch automatically stop when not operated in the "off" position. Steering circuit has a master switch (central control) and the sub-switch, the two parallel lines. By the main switch drivers control the opening and closing all the doors and windows of glass, and the door handle on the inside of each sub-switch by the occupant controlled individually glass doors opening and closing, the operation is very convenient.
                 The quality of the motor is directly related to the normal operation of the electric window regulator, it must have a small size, light weight, high degree of protection, low noise, low electromagnetic interference, reliable operation.
                 Modern cars have been widely used in microelectronics, electrical work emits electromagnetic interfere with the work of other electrical devices; a few years ago, General Motors after-sales analysis report shows that nearly 40% of the electric window regulator motor failure was caused by poor sealing . Therefore, to reduce electromagnetic interference and solve problems sealing motor vehicle motor technology in recent years had become a hot topic.
                 Since the mid-1990s, the control mechanism of glass lifter electric car technology has developed rapidly, the electronic control module used in the form of a large number of bulk loading, and is equipped with safety protection device.
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