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          China's urgent need to strengthen the core technology of automotive components

                In recent years, the development of China's auto parts industry can be summed up with the ever-changing, with the continuous development of China's auto parts industry, improve product quality, while technically achieve a new breakthrough. Parts industry has grown at the same time, exports of auto parts to China also played an important role in promoting China's auto parts exports compared to the previous state in terms of the current downturn has been the exact opposite, rallied back to state this phenomenon has fully proved that China's auto parts industry continues forward.
                 Recently, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers announced Customs statistics: March 2009 merchandise exports engines and parts turned up, and the increase was significantly higher than imports over the same period in which the engine outlet 161,200 units, growth of 37.55%, auto parts , accessories and body export value of $ 1.048 billion, growth of 59.92%. Exports from the Automobile Association released data, in 2009 China's auto parts exports have showed an increasing state, indicating that parts exports have been warmer.
                 The Secretary-General of China National Automotive Industry Consulting Committee Tengbo Le said: "In recent years, Chinese auto parts enterprises sustained and rapid development, has made a very good performance, significant growth in sales and exports of Chinese auto parts, It has become the United States, Japan, Germany, the fourth largest producer and exporter of auto parts. "
                 China has become the fourth largest producer and exporter of auto parts in the world, the news that the automotive industry is very stimulating, which not only proved China's auto parts industry in recent years, rapid development, but also proved that Chinese car parts industry rising strength.
                 Deputy Secretary General of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers Xiongchuan Lin said that auto parts exports have shown signs of recovery. Although the current situation is not optimistic about the situation of total exports, but exports of parts to the auto market rebound can not help a little confidence. Meanwhile, parts enterprises seems to have found the opportunity from the crisis, making auto parts exports gradually become warmer state.
                 Some experts said that the export of auto parts from China to pick up parts to meet the overseas aftermarket, the current market downturn, although foreign vehicle, vehicle maintenance is very marketable. "I sell the vehicle, but the car is broken or to repair, so there is a big market."
                 Although the current core strength and international competitiveness of Chinese auto parts are not strong enough. I believe that through China's auto parts enterprises after the transition from low to high in product technology, appearance, structure, there will be a very large increase, which will also be on the development of parts and components exports to lay a solid foundation . The whole combination of zero mode, will also allow the development of China's automobile industry is more powerful.
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