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          Signed TPP

                 Based on Trans-Pacific economic cooperation agreement, US tariffs on Japanese auto parts production levy will be the abolition of all agreements in force in the first 15 years. Vehicle tariff will be dismantled in the first 25 years of the entry into force of the agreement. TPP will abolish tariffs on 99.9% of the industrial products, but the United States is positioned as an important items of vehicles, Japan and the US launched a fierce attack and defense until the final stage of negotiations. Japanese companies also plan to take advantage of the elimination of tariffs in Canada and Vietnam to expand exports in the region.
                 In Japan decided to participate in TPP negotiations in 2013, Japan and the United States set up the withdrawal period for the car to reach a consensus on all tariff items in the TPP. The consensus is regarded as "Japan's participation in the negotiations tickets." From the start of negotiations in the field of vehicle to determine the adverse conditions. For Japan, TPP agreement over content in the content of auto parts and other industrial products compete with South Korea and the United States concluded a free trade agreement has become an important issue.
                 But the negotiations was deadlocked. US auto industry to support the Democratic Party to make concessions against the United States Congress, the Japan-US agreement automobiles in the recent meeting in Atlanta on only consensus.
                 Content is the Japan-US agreement, tariffs engine, brakes and transmissions nearly 400 kinds of auto-related parts of the 87.4% of the items will be immediately revoked. Higher than the US-ROK FTA immediate revocation of the tariff rate, Japan reached a minimum target. Decide in advance the maximum duration of the automotive body withdraw tariff in fact higher than the maximum 30-year revocation shorten the period for five years, reduced to 25 years.
                 However, some items have been strong resistance to the United States, tariffs and other items turbocharger revocation extended to 15 years. And household appliances, industrial machinery and chemical products in the field of 99% compared to the immediate elimination of tariffs, tariff revoked script slowly.
                 In addition, Japan will actively publicize the results of negotiations with countries outside the United States. Canada imposed a 6.1% car tariff will be canceled within five years, nearly 70 percent tariff on Vietnam than 3000cc displacement cars levied will be canceled in 10 years. Australia will immediately cancel 5% of the new car tariffs.
                 Japan joined the TPP automobile exports accounted for 48% of the country's total exports, 40% of auto parts also. The case of withdrawal of tariff longer term, long-term profits of Japanese companies will get bigger. TPP in from North America to Asia and other places as the object of extensive market expected the importance of production and sales markets in the region, as will be further enhanced.
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