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          Within a decade the development of auto parts industry gained momentum

                 In 2005, China's auto sales exceeded 4 million; the first 10 months of 2015, China's auto sales exceeded 17.8 million, 20 million annual break a foregone conclusion.
                 Ten years, China's auto market has more than quadrupled in size, the auto parts industry has also experienced unusual growth. According to statistics, from 2003 to 2012, China's auto parts and accessories sales grew from 300.3 billion yuan to 2.22673 trillion yuan, a net increase of nearly 2 trillion yuan. The market scale, while parts of new product development and technological innovation also continue to bear fruit, some more parts enterprises began to go abroad, exports, overseas mergers and acquisitions, invest and build factories, beats in the international arena, writing a carefully written chapter.
                 ■ market size and increase in strength
                 For decades, China's auto parts market continues to expand. In 2012, total exports of auto parts amounted to $ 55.322 billion, including automotive parts, accessories and vehicle exports amounted to $ 27.877 billion, an increase of 2.74%.
                 Domestic market size of some car parts enterprises are also expanding development prospects.
                 ■ new products, new technology research and development investment increased
                 Technical strength is the core element of enterprises to participate in market competition. The strength of foreign parts enterprises from the huge R & D investment and continuous technological innovation, domestic enterprises in this regard has been lacking. But with the auto parts market competition intensifies, the domestic parts enterprises gradually increase investment in new products and new technology research and development investment.
                 According to the former auto parts listed companies ranked newspaper finishing Revenue Annual Report 2012 30 corporate R & D investment in the relevant data shows that most R & D investment accounted for operating income ratio averaged 2.70%, the average amount of investment of 2.44 billion yuan, an increase compared to last year.
                 A direct result of increased R & D investment is brought in recent years, the auto parts industry, the emergence of many new technologies, new products, such as direct injection technology, electronically controlled high pressure common rail technology, dual-clutch transmission technology, in recent years, turbo technology has also been rising. In addition, many parts enterprises to strengthen the research and development of new products and new technologies, have established state-level technology center.
                 ■ auto parts parts enterprises practicing the "going out" strategy
                 For decades, the auto parts business development momentum is good, but compared with the international level there is a big gap between the components, such as the previously mentioned technical strength is constraining the development of domestic enterprises, the main bottleneck parts. Domestic parts enterprises to "go out" overseas acquisitions to improve its technical strength, to break the foreign monopoly an effective means of key technology and market situation in recent years, this trend is increasingly evident.
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